Adult Education Presentation Series

Monthly adult presentations and workshops offered on topics related to nature, research, and science. Reserve a spot by registering below, or drop ins available if this website shows there are still openings.

Oct 20 at 7pm – Nature Photography with former journalist Sue Steinwall

Sue Steinwall, the Minnesota Land Trust’s Conservation Stewardship Director, will share some of her nature photographs and tips she’s picked up along the way. Sue’s presentation will focus on photographing landscapes and wildlife. Bio: Sue is an enthusiastic amateur who first learned photography as a journalist. While she has sold and published some photographs, she is keeping her day job!


Nov 17 at 7pm – Loggers’ Tales with retired Minnesota State Park Naturalist Dave Crawford

The story of the change from a vast forest of huge white pines to the very different landscape we see today is also a story of the people who made the change – the lumberjacks. Dave Crawford will use photos, mostly taken 100 to 150 years ago, to tell the story, with a focus on the St. Croix River watershed, the heart of white pine logging in the Midwest. Bio: Dave Crawford is a retired Minnesota State Park Naturalist. He worked at Interstate and Wild River State Parks in the St. Croix Valley for 34 years. He continues to volunteer for citizen science projects and naturalist mentoring, and does occasional talks and hikes for environmental education organizations.


Dec 8 at 7pm – Preserving Ice in the Environment with retired 3M Chemist Tony Manzara

Tony Manzara will describe the 10-year history of experiments which demonstrate a process known as Albedo Modification, which slows down the melting of ice which is exposed to sunlight. Work was done on ponds in Minnesota and Alaska, simulated glaciers, and a snowfield in Iceland. Bio: Dr. Anthony Manzara is a retired chemist with 3M. He is also the co-founder of the Sally Manzara Nature Center, in honor of his late wife. Tony still works on experiments that interest him and volunteers his time at the nature center, all while encouraging people of all ages to embrace their passion in the areas of science and nature.