Eagle Scout Project – Forest Restoration Demo Plot

The area just north of the Parking lot in Sunfish Lake Park will be planted with specimens of native grasses and forbs, which will have identification signs.

Buckthorn infestation drives out native wildlife. The Sunfish Lake Park Restoration project is removing invasive European and Glossy buckthorn from 180 acres of Sunfish Lake Park and restoring the native Fire-Dependent Oak-Maple forest. The native forest is a diverse community of many plant species, sometimes very difficult to distinguish in their natural setting.

The demonstration plot is an educational area, being installed as an Eagle Scout project with Community Support, and will showcase the understory plants that are being planted to re-create suitable habitat for native insects, birds, and other wildlife that has not adapted to using buckthorn.

The demonstration plot will be planted with specimens of the native species, which will be identified for educational purposes with long-lasting signs.

How You Can Help:

This project is estimated to cost about $2000, your donation of any amount would be appreciated. Drop a bill in the donation box inside the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center building with a note “for Eagle Scout Project”

Or mail a check made out to to SMINC, sent to PO Box 241, Lake Elmo MN 55042 with the Note “Eagle Scout Project” Donations are tax-deductible and anything over $20 will be acknowledged by letter.