Reports of Studies done in Sunfish lake Park

Here is a capsule summary of each report, click the yellow button to download a copy of the report.

City of Lake Elmo Forester Karen Widin studied the forests in SLP in 2011, and Steve Kunde was contracted to do a followup in 2015. Their findings and recommendations are provided in this report:

Volunteers Sam O’Neill and Tony Manzara fished in eight locations in Sunfish Lake in the summer of 2018, and recorded water temperature, and the water depth and what was caught at each location.


Volunteers Chase Davies and Tony Manzara surveyed the nesting success in the bluebird houses during the Spring/Summer of 2019.


Grace Lehinger, summer intern, surveyed the mammals of SLP using tracking plates and trail cameras in the Summer of 2021. Thirteen species were observed including a mink and a fisher. Read the report

Liana Linn, summer intern, collected the aquatic macroinvertebrates from three bodies of water in SLP in the Summer of 2023, identified them, and used the results to characterize the water quality of these bodies.

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