The Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center bee exhibit originated with a group of four beekeepers who were displaced when the Warner Nature Center was closed. Paul, Craig, Bob and Jim were invited by Board member Sharon to transfer their hobby to SMINC, which obtained the necessary Lake Elmo City permits to keep bees and to set up an electric fence around the Apiary to discourage hungry bears. 

They constructed the apiary with two production hives and five smaller ones to create new queens. They then constructed the indoor observation hive so that bees could come in via a passageway through the wall, bringing nectar and pollen to feed the newly-laid eggs and raise them to adults. Visitors can view the bees at work, and try to find the queen, who is marked by the beekeepers with a painted spot on her back color-coded to her year of birth.

The framed Bee Exhibit was created by Kim and Dennis with help from Tony, to showcase the life of the honeybee and answer the frequently asked questions. 

The original  group of beekeepers has been working their way into retirement and Elizabeth of the Stillwater Honeybee Club has now taken responsibility. 

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