The Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center will have a dozen framed exhibits on the walls, as well as items to touch and see.  The framed exhibits will show aspects of local natural features, with content provided by local expert volunteers. The contents of all exhibits will be available on computers with more detailed information about items in the exhibit,  for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject.  The status of each exhibit is as follows:

The History of Sunfish Lake Park – printed and mounted – need a few pictures

The Geology of Sunfish Lake Park – objects on display with handwritten explanation

The Upland Forest of Sunfish Lake Park – printed and mounted

The Birds of Sunfish Lake Park – images mounted in the frame, not yet printed

Washington Conservation District and Valley Branch Watershed District – printed and mounted

Lake Elmo Pollution Stories – printed and mounted


Other Planned Exhibits – searching for Volunteer Contributors –

please contact tony,manzara@sminc-lake-elmo.org if you would be interested in helping with one or more of these exhibits

The Prairie Restoration Project of Sunfish Lake Park

The Aquatic Life of Sunfish Lake Park

The Invasive Species of Sunfish Lake Park

The Animals of Sunfish Lake Park

The Plants of Sunfish Lake Park

The Insects of Sunfish Lake Park

The Agricultural Economics of Lake Elmo – how much of what is grown in Lake Elmo nowadays, what does it cost, and what does it pay?

The Energy and Water Conservation Aspects of the SMINC Building