Family Nature Day

Lake Elmo’s Sunfish Lake Park  “almost” Annual Family Nature Day returned on

Saturday July 10th  2021, 9 AM to Noon, the day was perfect and there were about 175 guests, with 75 gift bags given to the kids.

If you missed this year, please plan to attend in early Summer 2022 – here is what was available:

Welcome Station, kids pick up Scavenger Hunt pages and Quiz Sheets to turn in for a prize – As you go from Station to Station, check the right box on the Sheet

Beekeeping StationPaul, Craig, Jim and Bob will show and tell about honeybees

Mammals of the Park Station Bob and Grace will tell you who lives in the Park

Birds of the Park StationAmi and Chase will show you pictures of some of the common birds, and have birdwatching checklists available

Landscaping with Native and Edible Plants StationPete Widin of Artisan Environments LLC can help you with interesting landscaping ideas!

Rain Garden StationWally will explain why and how our rain gardens were built with assistance and reimbursement from the Valley Branch Watershed District –

Three Sisters Garden StationMason and Paul explain about this companion planting system, used by Native Americans for thousands of years, and describe some traditional herbal medicine techniques

Geology Station – Sunfish Lake Park Rocks! and why the Park is the way it is….

Prairie Plant Specimen Walk Stationsee each of the 29 species of plants that were used in the 2010 seventeen-acre prairie restoration in Sunfish Lake Park

Monarch Butterfly StationMarge and Bonnie and Chris describe the life cycle of the Monarch, show you the life stages, and describe the Monarch WayStation(c) which feeds butterfly visitors all Summer long

Live Creatures Stationsee the animals from Tamarack Nature Center 9:30 to 11:30

Story Walkread the book A Bee’s Life/La vida de una abeja in English or Spanish as you walk the trail

Buckthorn Station see a description of the SLP buckthorn removal program, and play Buckthorn Croquet – a crazy game with mallets, wickets, and balls made of buckthorn

Bean Bag Toss Station – aim to get the bird into the birdhouse

Messy Play Areadig the sand in the canoe, walk on the stumps, ride the turtle (very slow ride)

Free Nature Photography Workshop with Sue Steinwall 9:30Sue Steinwall, the Minnesota Land Trust’s Stewardship Director, will share some of her nature photographs and tips that she’s picked up since first learning photography as a newspaper reporter. Sue’s presentation will focus on photographing landscapes, wildlife, and close-ups. She is an enthusiastic amateur and happy to answer your questions about composition. Bring your cameras or phones and take photographs in the park after Sue’s talk.