Family Nature Exploration Events

1st & 3rd Saturdays at 10am

$5/family, register below, or drop in if this website shows there are still openings

October 1, 10 AM – Bird Migration with Ecologist Mary Frick

Are you seeing flocks of birds flying high in the sky and do you wonder where they are going? Learn the basics of bird migration from behavioral ecologist Mary Frick and have fun playing a migration game.


Oct 15 – Fall Photography Hike with Master Naturalist Christa Rittberg

Join Christa Rittberg, Master Naturalist, for a fall hike and learn how to find and photograph the beautiful fall colors. Choose your best photo and add it to a group collage that will be displayed in the nature center. Bring your camera or smartphones for taking photographs.


Nov 5 – Cryogenics with 3M Wizard Jeff Payne

Cryogenics: Behold the world of the ultra-cold. We will use extremely low temperatures to explore the behavior of solids, liquids, and gasses. We will also observe the unusual behavior of common materials and objects when exposed to a very cold environment.


Nov 19 – Getting Ready for Winter with Ecologist Mary Frick

How do wild animals survive our cold winters? Learn surprising fun facts about how animals must change to survive our winters from behavioral ecologist Mary Frick and have fun playing a survival game.


Dec 3 – Air & Vacuum with 3M Wizard Jeff Payne

Air & Vacuum: Explore properties of the air around us. Learn about air pressure and how it changes when air is added to a system, taken away from a system, or is put into motion.


Dec 17 – Senses Scavenger Hunt Check in for activity kit, Self Guided

Stop in to pick up your scavenger hunt kit and go out for a short hike using your senses of listening, sight, touch, and smell. Come back to the building to report what you found and use your final sense of taste.