Tapestry Entry Point

GPS 92.9059 W 45.0067 N

This location is the access point from the Tapestry neighborhood to the Outer Loop Brown trail around Sunfish Lake Park. The trail to the East leads to Sign 10 and the branch trail to the North shore of Sunfish Lake, then to Sign 11 and the branch trail to the South shore of Sunfish Lake, and then to Sign 12 at the parking lot.

Welcome to Sunfish Lake Park!

Welcome to Sunfish Lake Park! This City Park is protected from development under the terms of a Conservation Easement executed June 30, 2009 between the City of Lake Elmo and the Minnesota Land Trust. As the City experiences further population growth and land is converted for housing development, we have protected this green space for the enjoyment of nature by future generations. Most of the information contained below is taken directly from the conservation easement granted to the Minnesota Land Trust by the City of Lake Elmo.

The Conservation Easement protects Sunfish Lake Park property through identification and enforcement of various management activities that maintain the conservation values of the property. In particular, it outlines specific land use restrictions. Sunfish Lake Park consists of approximately 173 acres of rolling forest land that includes an additional 51 acres of other woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, and open water ponds as well as part of Sunfish Lake. This natural area is a component of a significant wildlife corridor that provides habitat for a variety of species in greatest conservation need. The undeveloped shoreline of Sunfish Lake helps maintain water quality and healthy aquatic habitat of the lake. The protected property provides opportunities for the public to experience, appreciate and learn about the natural and scientific environment through low-impact, outdoor recreational and educational activities.

For a complete copy of the Conservation Easement agreement between the City of Lake Elmo and the Minnesota Land Trust, please go to


You can also find a proposed guide to the development and usage of Sunfish Lake Park as presented to the Lake Elmo Parks Commission in March 2015.


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