Sign 10

GPS 92.9038 W 45.0058 N

You are on the Outer Loop, going East you will access the North shore of Sunfish Lake. Going West you will follow along the North boundary of the Park past the Tapestry neighborhood access point. To the South you will go past Sign 11 at the intersection to the access trail to the South shore of Sunfish Lake, and then reach Sign 12 at the Parking lot.

Stop #10  Water Critters Galore

The northern part of Sunfish Lake that is contained in the park is shallower than the southern end, is actually considered wetland, and in years past has gone dry.  Many different types of animals depend on wetlands for food, shelter and nesting sites.  If you are quiet, you may be lucky to see a Great Egret standing in the shallows searching for fish to eat. This large white bird has a long neck, long and pointed yellow beak, and long black legs, all excellent adaptations for wading and fishing in the water. Sometimes a great blue heron may be lurking along the water’s edge but be disguised by the lakeshore vegetation.  A very large bird, the great blue heron has a wing span of 5-6 feet making them a wonderful sight to observe flying. Both of these large birds migrate south during the winter months and return in the spring.  Those turtles you might see sitting on a log are using the warmth of the sun to regulate their body temperature.  And if you happen to see a muskrat in the fall, it is probably storing food to eat over the winter as they do not hibernate. Stop in the nature center to learn more about the animals of the park. For information on the fish that live in the lake, check out a fish survey that was completed by the Friends of Sunfish Lake Park, at