Sign 5

GPS Data 92.9161W 45.0058 N, This location is on the Brown trail Outer Loop in the West central area of Sunfish Lake Park, just East of the Washington County Landfill that was closed about 1975 and has been the subject of much remediation effort.

You are in the Oak/Maple forest, but this area has not yet been cleared of buckthorn, which makes up large amounts of the undergrowth. The trail to the North takes you to Sign 6 in the Northwest section of the Park. From there via Sign 7 you can reach the trail access point near Fire Station #2. The trail to the East via signs 4, 16, 17 and 20 takes you along the South shore of the big unnamed pond. The trail to the South takes you to Sign 3 and then to the Southwest section where buckthorn removal has been underway for about a year.