Positions Available


Internships may be available for:
  • Fundraising efforts
  • Administrative Functions – running a nonprofit
  • Accounting Functions – how to keep books for a nonprofit
  • Science Education Studies – such as automating a wildlife census system
  • Exhibit Development

Volunteer Opportunities

If any of these activities are in line with your interests and you would like to learn more about them, please fill in the Contact Us form and we will set up a time for further discussion of your specific interests and ideas.
  • Information Desk/Gift Shop Sales/Open and Close
  • Program Managers to lead the development of interior exhibits and exhibit format
  • Program Managers to lead the development of Trail Guides
  • Program Managers to lead the development of educational activities
  • Program Managers to lead the development of a scientific study framework
  • Developer for a system to allow computer monitor screens at each exhibit to show user-selected information
  • Community Liaison
  • Liaison with District 834 Primary and Secondary educators
  • Liaison with Senior Citizens groups and senior housing locations
  • Liaison with pre-school educators
  • Trail Guides
  • Specialty Program developers
  • High School Service Hour opportunities
  • Eagle Scout Projects
  • Scouting activities (all age levels)
  • Future Farmers of America – plant plots of the economically important crops of Lake Elmo
  • 4H activity possibilities