Prairie Restoration at Sunfish Lake Park

In 2010, the City of Lake Elmo converted 17 acres of Sunfish Lake Park to a Prairie Restoration. SMINC has an exhibit explaining what a prairie is, and what lives there. If you look out the window next to the exhibit, you can see the restored prairie. Below the image of the exhibit, you will find a list of links to documents which describe the history of the restoration.

The exhibit showcases the plants that were used to create a diverse community, and the animals that have been seen on our prairie. At the lower left is a reconstruction of a 13-lined ground squirrel nest, with features that you can highlight by pressing the buttons. On the right is a series of small doors with animal track images, if you open a door it shows the silhouette of the animal, and illuminates the label of the photo of the animal. The monitor is used to show slide shows and videos taken on this prairie. The grass on the right was extracted (roots and all) from the prairie o demonstrate the beneficial effect of prairie plants in holding the soil.

Links to documents about this prairie:

(describing the proposal by Carol Kriegler to do a prairie restoration)