Sign 6

GPS 92.5458 W 45.0250 N

This location is in the Oak/Maple area of Sunfish Lake Park, just East of the closed Washington County Landfill. The trail to the South takes you to Sign 5 along the western boundary of the Park. The trails to the North and Northeast both take you to Sign 7, the northwesternmost point on the Brown trail Outer Loop, and the trail access point from Fire Station # 2. The trail to the North is more direct, and takes you past a pond on the West side of the trail. The trail to the Northeast is a longer loop which runs along but does not enter the power line corridor. Each of these two route cross the bike trail in two locations, please use caution at these intersections. The trail to the East takes you to Sign 8, also on the Brown trail Outer Loop, crossing the powerline corridor and running along the northern boundary of the main section of the Park.