Hours and Location


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 AM to 4 PM

Saturday 9 AM to Noon

Closed Sundays

We are hoping to open every day, depending on receptionist availability. Please contact info@sminc-lake-elmo.org if you would like to volunteer to help, or call Connie at 651-491-3853. We do not view volunteering as a lifetime obligation, and would appreciate as much or as little time as you could spend. A few on-call substitute reception volunteers would be very helpful.


Sunfish Lake Park is open dawn to dusk, gate closes at 9 PM.

Bike trails have been added to Sunfish Lake Park and a new trail map is available on the City website, http://www.lakeelmo.org, with link to  https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/a84d73c9f8d146d68d38fa605eb3804a

It looks like this:

kiosk sign with correct numbers

PLEASE VISIT https://trails.morcmtb.org/ for bike trail condition information, scroll down to Sunfish Lake Park, but the address is incorrect, not 3554 Kelvin, more like 10000 Stillwater Lane N.



The location of the Park Entrance road to the nature center is very close to 10000 Stillwater Lane North, Lake Elmo, MN. On Google Maps the nature center location is shown correctly in Sunfish Lake Park on “unnamed road”, and the directions are correct. Click here for directions.  

On the Google Maps Satellite View, the photo has been updated and shows the nature center as it was in Fall 2019. The Street view shows the site before construction began in September 2017.

Some location services may misdirect you up Kelvin Avenue.

On County Road 14 (Old State Highway 5) between Lake Elmo Avenue (County 17) and the roundabout at Jamaca, coming from either East or West you will see a brown sign “Sunfish Lake Park / Nature Center”.

County Road 14 sign

watch for this sign along County Road 14 between Lake Elmo Ave and the roundabout at Jamaca

Follow the arrow, and you will see the park entrance sign that mentions the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center. Turn in and follow the entry road (right hand side) for 0.6 mile to the parking lot. The left hand road is the exit road.

Sign at Park entry 6-18-18

The following map  shows the location of the nature center.


Where to find the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center, just north of Highway 14 west of downtown Lake Elmo