Hours and Location

Hours: Closed until further notice as required by Executive Order

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:     9:00-4:00

Friday:          9:00-12:00

Saturday:    10:00-3:00

Open by appointment for groups. You may call 651-408-2838 or email the nature center info@sminc-lake-elmo.org to schedule your group. Please be sure to get a confirmation message.

Inclement weather: We use the school district closings as our guideline. If district events are cancelled, we will be closed. We will also close if our entrance road is not plowed and is impassable.

Sunfish Lake Park is open dawn to dusk, gate closes at 9 PM.

Link to Trail Map: sunfish lake trail map pdf – sminc – 11-2018


The location of the Park Entrance road to the nature center is very close to 10000 Stillwater Lane North, Lake Elmo, MN. On Google Maps the nature center location is shown correctly in Sunfish Lake Park on “unnamed road”, and the directions are correct. Click here for directions.  

On the Google Maps Satellite View, the photo has been updated and shows the nature center under construction in the Spring of 2018.

Some location services may misdirect you up Kelvin Avenue.

On County Road 14 (Old State Highway 5) between Lake Elmo Avenue (County 17) and the roundabout at Jamaca, coming from either East or West you will see a brown sign “Sunfish Lake Park / Nature Center”.

County Road 14 sign

watch for this sign along County Road 14 between Lake Elmo Ave and the roundabout at Jamaca

Follow the arrow, and you will see the park entrance sign that mentions the Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center. Turn in and follow the entry road (right hand side) for 0.6 mile to the parking lot. The left hand road is the exit road.

Sign at Park entry 6-18-18


The following maps show the location of the nature center.

Embedded map of the park, showing the location of the nature center at the pin.

Google Earth, wide view

Google Earth view of the park showing the location of the nature center at the pin and it’s leased land inside the black square.  

Google Earth, closer in

Google Earth view of the leased land within the black rectangle and the nature center footprint as the red rectangle.